CBT Approach


Competency Based Training (CBT) 

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CBT (Competency Based Training), the training approach we follow in Veolia Asia. Competency Model outlines a common language of competencies based on Veolia's knowledge of all the skills needed across the full range of our services. The competencies in the Model are a set of measurable performance criteria, help employees understand the professional, "on-the-job" behaviors that they can display to improve their performance and therefore their chances of success in the company. There are around 400 competencies (classified into 30 competency categories). Training programmes are then recommended or developed as a result of the competencies highlighted as requiring training; our training curriculum are deployed and conducted based on these competencies assessment throughout the whole year.

CBT Process

Veolia Trains Veolia

The Key Principle"Veolia Trains Veolia"is our key principle of delivering our in-house training, a large number of the trainers at Veolia have come from Veolia itself. With this principle, Veolia has developed a wide range of Train the Trainer Programs which aims to ensure professionalism of our in-house training.



MyLearning, an exclusive Learning Management System developed and implemented by Campus Veolia China is an all-day accessible platform provides various functions to training managers, coordinators and employees, who could access the latest learning information online.
Mobile devices are a major source of learning information gathering and exchange. MyLearning access through mobile devices enables employees to manage their training with greater flexibility anywhere anytime. Employees could prepare their competencies assessment directly online, through Mylearning, check their training plan for the coming year, and trace their training records at any time, really easy and practical.